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ADHD in Teens (cont.)

ADHD in Teens Statistics, Causes, and Risk Factors

ADHD is quite common. Among school-aged children, this disorder has been found to occur from 2 to 20%, translating to four and a half million children 3 to 17 years of age. While boys are still thought to develop this illness more often than girls, improved assessment of girls has resulted in the gender gap in diagnosis being significantly less than in years past.

ADHD in Teens Causes and Risk Factors

While there is no single known cause of ADHD, boys tend to develop this condition a bit more often than girls and individuals who have one or both parents with the disorder are more likely to develop it. Children who have ADHD are at risk for growing into teens and adults with the condition. A child whose mother suffers from depression, smoked cigarettes, or used other drugs or whose parents have low education, are more at risk for having ADHD. Other risk factors for developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder include the person's mother having medical problems and trauma to the abdomen during their pregnancy. There is some birth order research that supports the theory that first born children tend to have a higher likelihood of developing ADHD compared to their siblings.

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