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Aerobic Exercise (cont.)

Calories Burned by Aerobic Exercise

Below is a list of aerobic activities with the approximate number of calories burned per hour for a 150-pound individual.

  • Aerobics class: 450-500
  • Bicycling (outdoor): 540-620
  • Bicycling (stationary): 480-540
  • Cross-country skiing: 530-630
  • Dancing: 300-350
  • Gardening: 270-300
  • Hiking: 400-480
  • Jogging: 530-630
  • Jumping rope: 650-800
  • Running: 650-750
  • Skating: 470-550
  • Swimming: 400-480
  • Tennis: 470-550
  • Volleyball: 200-240
  • Walking (regular pace): 150-200
  • Walking (fast pace): 250-300

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