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Alzheimer's Disease Stages: Symptoms and Signs (cont.)

Symptoms of Late Stage of Alzheimer's Disease

  • Complete loss of short- and long-term memory, potentially even the inability to recognize even close relatives and friends.
  • Complete dependence on others for everyday activities including eating and using the toilet.
  • Urinary or stool incontinence.
  • Severe disorientation- including wandering and getting lost.
  • Heightened behavior or personality changes such as hostility or aggressiveness, may be apparent.
  • Individuals lose their mobility and may be unable to walk or move or even sit without help.
  • Impaired ability to communicate.
  • Other movements, such as swallowing are impaired, which increases the risk of malnutrition, choking, and aspiration.
  • Interpreting and using basic body language is still possible.
  • Individuals can usually still understand and experience sensory information.
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Alzheimer disease (Alzheimer’s disease, AD), the most common cause of dementia1, isan acquired cognitive and behavioral impairment of sufficient severity that markedly interferes with social and occupational functioning.

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