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Amenorrhea (cont.)

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amenorrhea, absence of menstrual bleeding, absent menstruation, lack of menstruation, missed period, absent period, absent menses, menstrual dysfunction, primary amenorrhea, secondary amenorrhea, menstrual cycle, menarche, menstrual bleeding, delayed puberty, anatomical defects of the genital tract, abnormalities of the genital tract, ovarian disorders, anovulation, pituitary disorders, hypothalamic disorders, intrauterine adhesions, pituitary tumor, hypothalamic tumor, intracranial tumor, hyperandrogenemia, premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovary syndrome, prolactinemia, prolactinoma

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Amenorrhea, Primary »

Primary amenorrhea is the failure of menses to occur by age 16 years, in the presence of normal growth and secondary sexual characteristics.

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