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Bartholin Cyst (cont.)


  • Women who have had a Bartholin's cyst or abscess drained should follow up in 24-48 hours for recheck and possible removal of packing material. In the meantime, sitz baths should be taken to continue drainage.
  • Contact the doctor if the packing falls out prematurely. Depending on the timing, the size of the abscess, and whether symptoms are continuing, it may or may not need to be replaced.
  • Women may be given pain medication. Take this as prescribed. If antibiotics were prescribed, they should be taken until gone.
  • Women should be rechecked if they experience new symptoms including increasing swelling, pain, vaginal discharge, or fever.


  • If a Bartholin's cyst develops, prompt treatment with sitz baths may prevent the development of an abscess.
  • Safe sex practices can decrease the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and therefore prevent the formation of abscesses caused by these organisms.


The majority of women feel much better within 24 hours of drainage. Some have problems with recurrent cysts or abscesses. If that becomes the case, there is a procedure called marsupialization, which can be performed to destroy the cyst and prevent future episodes. A gynecologist most often performs this procedure.

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Picture of Bartholin's Cyst
Picture of Bartholin's Cyst. Click to view larger image.

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"Disorders of Bartholin gland"

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