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Bartholin Cyst - Treatment

What treatment has been effective for your Bartholin cyst?

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Comment from: Anonymous Girl, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: October 21

I've had three in my lifetime, due to shaving. The first two times, it was super painful as they were located in tight areas. I had to wait till they popped. That was about five years ago. I got one recently due to waxing. I didn't want to go through the pain of waiting it out. So I did some research and tried witch hazel. To my surprise, it actually worked. It shrunk on its own, and it did it pretty fast. Before you try anything, give witch hazel a shot. It's affordable, very easy to use, doesn't hurt, and it really works. Good luck to all!

Comment from: sweetrelief, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: August 25

I started getting these about four years ago and they've been horrible. I got one the other day that literally brought me to the point of a breakdown. I'm sick of hospitals and getting my lady business sliced open. On a whim I doused a paper towel with witch hazel and arranged around the cyst. It immediately helped the pain so I decided to keep it on the and switch it out every so often with a new one. It popped painlessly all on its own in less than 24 hours. I nearly cried. I've also heard tea tree oil is helpful. Go witch hazel!

Comment from: Mac, 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: January 07

I recently developed a cyst. It went from the size of a pea to the size of a golf ball overnight and the pain was excruciating! I went to the OB/GYN and she was as confused as I was, and said she couldn't do anything until it abscessed. So I took antibiotics and went back when the pain got worse. So I'm home now with Lortab hoping it pops soon. I tried Goldenseal (from the health food store) and within three hours of taking it, a white head appeared on the surface. So maybe this is a good "treatment."

Comment from: Vanessa C., 35-44 Female (Patient) Published: September 24

I have had four Bartholin cysts in the past five years. With my first, one I had no idea what it was and when it was in the early stages I just popped it thinking it was an ingrown hair or something. The next time it grew so fast, I couldn't walk, sit, lay down or use the bathroom! I went to my doctor who sent me to the OB/GYN who lanced it. At the same time, I got instant relief.

Comment from: ouch, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: July 01

I am a cyclist and started to develop these two years ago. The pain is horrible and makes it hard to do anything. After speaking with several girlfriends that had the same thing I am planning to have the entire gland removed. Both of my girlfriends had the gland removed and have never had issues again. Mine are recurring and I am just tired of dealing with the pain!

Comment from: Carol, 75 or over Female (Patient) Published: December 03

I had a Bartholin's cyst for probably 20 years after four vaginal births. It hurt all the time and I always felt like I was sitting on a golf ball. I finally saw a gynecologist last week and had it lanced, and I feel so much better.

Comment from: The Elder, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: September 11

I just had my first cyst. It started months ago and looked like a white pimple. Eventually it seemed to grow a little tail, inward. A week ago it erupted. At first it just hurt and within a few days it was a hard, very sore lump about two inches by one inch, deep in the labia. It got redder, harder and sorer by the day. Then I found this site and figured out what it was. I didn't want to be burdened by a sitz bath so just put a garbage bag on the bed and applied a hot wet washcloth. I put tin foil over the top to help keep the heat in. I also used a green tea bag since I read about that. My guess is just the hot wash cloth does the work. At least I finally had some relief. I'm hoping I won't have to go to a doctor.

Comment from: Kelly, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: August 10

I was discharged from the hospital today with a Bartholin cyst. When I went to the ER five days ago, it was the size and shape of a 6 inch popsicle, and the pain was worse than child birth! REALLY! I was on two kinds of IV antibiotics and pain meds. My husband was killed in a car accident less than a month ago, and have to wonder if this is his way of keeping "other boys" away?!? Thanks Buddy!

Comment from: 19-24 Female (Patient) Published: July 19

I'm 19 years old and this is my third cyst within 8 months. The pain is the worst thing I ever felt. I wouldn't wish this on anybody. Tomorrow I'm going to be put to sleep, so they can get it all out this time. The first time I didn't know what it was. It felt funny and my first thought was a yeast infection. I started treating it as such but then it started swelling. Not knowing what it was, I waited a few days. By that time it was the size of a golf ball and I had flu like symptoms including a fever of 104. I went to a regular doctor who then sent me to my ob/gyn and the draining was very painful. I cried even. The second time they did the same thing with an in office draining. Now, not even two months with my third one and this one is bigger and more painful than the first. I can't even walk. Tomorrow I'm having the draining done but they're putting me to sleep, so hopefully they can get all of the infection out and I won't have to go through this ever again. Mine never pop on their own. I wish the baths worked for me.


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