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Bedwetting (cont.)


For a child with an underlying medical or emotional cause for the bedwetting, the health-care provider will recommend an appropriate treatment for the underlying condition.

  • If the treatment recommendations of the provider are followed closely, the bedwetting will stop in most cases.
  • Keep in mind that for some underlying conditions, such as anatomical problems or emotional problems, the treatment may be complex and take some time.

Children with uncomplicated bedwetting usually "grow out of it" on their own.

  • If you decide to try treatment, try to follow the recommendations of the child's health-care provider.
  • Relapse rates can be high, but retreatment is typically successful.
  • Your child's health-care provider will monitor the child's progress periodically. How often depends on how quickly the bedwetting improves and your comfort level with that rate.
  • Commitment and motivation are needed if the treatment is to be successful.
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