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Bee and Wasp Sting - Describe Your Experience

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Comment from: Curious, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: September 05

I was stung once by a yellow jacket or paper wasp a few days ago. On the first day, my entire forearm swelled my elbow to my fingers, tightening my skin. A small bubbled rash appeared. I went to my doctor. I was given a steroid shot that reduced the swelling over the next few days, but I got a fever over 100 degrees. I am improved from being so sick I barely could get out of bed. I remain unsteady on my feet with a nausea.

Comment from: galbut, 19-24 Male (Patient) Published: September 03

I was mowing the lawn. I was about to finish when a lone yellow jacket stung me once on my calf. Twenty minutes later, I started itching all over. The itching intensified. The scratching started first, so I raced into the bathroom to take a cold shower. It worked it making me feel better for five minutes. The lumps started appearing all over my body, while my leg remained somewhat suspiciously normal. I used a mixture of salt and water for my body. This morning my body got better, but my leg is now swelled up all the way to my foot. All this from one lousy sting! I am still not well and will probably head to the hospital tomorrow.

Comment from: wisconsinfarmer, 25-34 Female (Patient) Published: September 02

I was stung by a yellow jacket on the joint of my thumb. Of course stings are always painful, so I put ice on it immediately. That night, pain in the thumb joint was severe. I took Advil for pain, iced it again and was fine except a little residual pain for a few days.

Comment from: Homam, 25-34 Male (Patient) Published: July 09

While delivering mail in Richardson TX, I was a stung by a wasp on my right hand. The bite was so powerful that it broke the skin and the blood came out. I did not use anything, and I didn't bother to removing the stinger. This resulted in swelling stretching from the wrist up to the elbow area. Occasional itching and pain are still occurring.

Comment from: slefeve1234, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: August 29

I was stung by a wasp on my left hand on a kayaking trip. Immediately it swelled, turned red and hurt, but remained localized except for a few sharp pains now and then throughout the next half hour or so. Later that evening though as I lay down to sleep, my whole arm from wrist to shoulder was aching so bad I didn't want to move it. The pain was definitely a 10/10 on a 1-10 scale with 1 being no pain and 10 the worse I can imagine.

Comment from: smurf, 65-74 Female (Patient) Published: June 19

I was stung by what I believe was a wasp right through my t-shirt just below the elbow. I believe also through my T-shirt on my abdomen. The next day I woke up with itchiness in both areas. Both had had swollen in diameter to about the size of a donut and are red and hard.

Comment from: ohms277, 55-64 Male Published: June 04

65 year old male. Yesterday while unloading a chop saw out of my truck, I felt a sting in my finger. I set the saw on the floor and turned it over and discover a paper wasp nest full of wasps. I sprayed them, and be this time I could feel a burning going up my arm. By the time I got in the truck to go to the ER, the burning had reached my head, ears, neck, chest, torso. When I got to the ER, my feet were burning, as was my groin area. I was feeling very faint and I found it hard to talk. My head and lips felt like they were going to pop. My blood pressure had dropped to 60/30. Was given Epi shot, IV steroids, and oxygen, and began feeling much better. They kept me there for several more hours to make sure. They gave me a script of Epi pens, Benadryl, and Pepcid. Today my hand is still swollen, but I'm feeling a heck of lot better!

Comment from: Deb, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 06

I was stung on top of the first joint of my toe. My sis-in-law pulled it out, which caused so much pain and burning. I got a couple of bite onitments and put them on it. Did not help at all, then I put Tea Tree oil on it and it took the burning away! I took 2 benedryl then 2 more 4 hrs. later. None over night. I woke up several times with pain. This morning the sting site was fine no pain, but the second joint was swollen & to just touch it causes a great deal of pain. It hurts to walk on that foot. Not looking forward to having this pain for 7 to 10 days and am praying that no other side effects come up in the next day or so!! I live with bad back pain and this is topping that!! How strange this sting is!!

Comment from: SDAN, 45-54 Female (Patient) Published: November 06

I got stung in my right thigh once and my left arm right above my wrist and up close to my shoulder. My arm is so sore and my throat feels a little funny and my thigh hurts. I am thinking about going to the doctor.

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The eMedicineHealth doctors ask about Bee and Wasp Stings:

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