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Bone Marrow Biopsy (cont.)

During the Procedure

  • The doctor will choose a place to withdraw bone marrow. Often this is the back of the hip bone (pelvic bone), but it also can be done from the breastbone (sternum), lower leg bone (tibia), or backbone (vertebra).
  • The chosen site will be cleaned with a special soap (iodine solution) or alcohol. After the skin is clean, sterile towels will be placed around the area. It is important the patient des not touch this area once it has become sterile.
  • Local anesthetic, usually lidocaine, will be injected with a tiny needle at the site. Initially, there may be a little sting followed by a burning sensation. After a few minutes, the site will become numb. The bone marrow needle is then placed through the skin and into the bone. The patient may feel a pressure sensation.
    • For the bone marrow aspiration, a small amount of the liquid portion of the bone marrow is then pulled into a syringe.
    • A bone marrow biopsy is then usually done with a needle that is pressed with a twisting motion further down into the bone and a small, cylindrical sample of bone and marrow is taken up into the needle.
  • The wound site may bleed a small amount, so pressure is applied for a few minutes. A sterile bandage is then applied.
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