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Bone Spurs (cont.)

Medical Devices

If the bone spurs affect the foot or heel, a doctor may recommend special pads or inserts for shoes called orthotics to help take the pressure off the bone spurs.

Surgery for Bone Spurs

In some cases, if symptoms cannot be controlled with more conservative treatment, surgery could be an option. The goal of surgery is to remove the bone spurs to allow for a more normal joint or to remove the pressure on muscles, tendons, ligaments, or nerves. The surgery may simply remove the bone spurs, but in other cases, the removal could be part of a larger surgery such as a joint-replacement surgery.

Follow-up for Bone Spurs

If one continues to have worsening problems due to bone spurs, follow up with a doctor for further evaluation.

Bone Spur Prevention

Bone spurs are usually the result of arthritis, so there is no specific way to prevent them. Maintaining an active lifestyle and being physically fit can often help reduce the symptoms related to bone spurs. Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the load on the joints. This may help prevent the formation of bone spurs, especially in the knees.

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