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Breastfeeding (cont.)

Milk Production

  • Breast enlargement during pregnancy occurs primarily from the growth of milk-producing glands. Differences in breast size prior to pregnancy are caused more by non-milk-producing fat tissue than by glands. Small-breasted mothers do not produce less milk than do large-breasted mothers.
  • The more frequently your infant sucks (correctly), the more milk you produce, until you have both negotiated the proper balance.
    • It is unusual for a mother not to produce enough milk for her baby unless she is not breastfeeding correctly or frequently enough.
    • If your baby is gaining weight properly, then you are probably doing fine.
  • Sucking on the breast in the same way as from an artificial nipple is likely to produce sore nipples and a reduced milk supply. This "nipple confusion" is why you should not give bottles to babies during the early weeks when they are still learning to suck properly. If a baby sucks incorrectly on a rubber nipple, the baby still gets rewarded with milk. The baby does not get milk when improperly sucking mother's breast.
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