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Brucellosis Facts

  • Brucellosis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria from the genus Brucella.
  • Brucellosis is an infection of certain animals that is transmitted to humans.
  • Humans acquire brucellosis when they come in contact with contaminated animals or animal products, most commonly from the ingestion of raw milk or cheese.
  • The symptoms of brucellosis may include fever, sweating, body aches, and joint pain.
  • Brucellosis is typically diagnosed through blood tests and by isolating the organism from blood and other body tissues.
  • A multidrug antibiotic regimen is the cornerstone of treatment for brucellosis.
  • The complications of brucellosis may involve various organ systems.
  • Brucellosis can be prevented by animal-disease-control measures, avoidance of unpasteurized dairy products, and occupational protective measures.

Brucellosis Overview

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Brucellosis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria from the genus Brucella. It is an infection that affects mainly animals, including goats, sheep, camels, pigs, elk, deer, cattle, and dogs. Humans develop brucellosis when they come in contact with contaminated animals or animal products. The symptoms of brucellosis often resemble a flu-like illness.

Human brucellosis is a disease that is found worldwide, and it has an annual occurrence rate of more than 500,000 cases. Brucellosis tends to occur more commonly in regions with less established animal disease control programs and in areas where public-health initiatives may be less effective. High-risk areas include the Mediterranean Basin (Portugal, Spain, Southern France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and North Africa), South and Central America, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. In the United States, brucellosis is much less common, with only 100-200 human cases reported each year. This decrease in cases in the United States is felt to be due to effective animal vaccination programs and milk pasteurization.

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