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Cancer Symptoms (cont.)

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neoplasm symptoms, persistent lumps, swollen glands, tumor symptoms, lump, lasting cough, coughing blood, breast lump, breast discharge, testicle lump, change in bowel habits, blood in urine, blood in stool, nonhealing sore, rectal bleeding, unexplained anemia, change in urination, hoarseness, change in wart or mole, indigestion, difficulty swallowing, vaginal bleeding, unexpected weight loss, night sweats, fever, itching in anus, itching in genitals, symptoms of cancer, signs of cancer, cancer signs, cancer symptoms

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Cancer - Symptoms

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Childhood Cancer, Epidemiology »

Approximately 1.2 million new cases of invasive cancer were diagnosed in the United States. Of these cases, more than 12,000 affected children.

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