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Cerebral Palsy (cont.)

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cerebral palsy, brain paralysis, spastic cerebral palsy, pyramidal cerebral palsy, dyskinetic cerebral palsy, extrapyramidal cerebral palsy, signs of cerebral palsy, swallowing disorder, speech disorder, ataxia, ataxic, athetoid, balance, birth defect, brain damage, brain disorder, breathing problems, cognitive problems, cognition, contractures, coordination, CP, developmental disorders, diplegia, dyskinesia, dyskinetic, dysphagia, gait, head injury, hemiplegia, hypoxia, learning disabilities, learning disorders, low birth weight, mental retardation, motor activity, movement, muscle tone, oxygen deprivation, premature birth, prematurity, premie, quadriplegia, seizure disorders, seizures, spastic, spasticity, walking

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Cerebral Palsy - Symptoms

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The term cerebral palsy (CP) was originally coined more than a century ago and loosely translates as "brain paralysis."

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