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Chalazion (Lump in Eyelid) (cont.)

Chalazion Prognosis

Typically, a chalazion goes away within a few weeks. If so, no long-term consequences occur. A chalazion is not contagious.

If the chalazion lasts for weeks or comes back, then an ophthalmologist can evaluate whether the lump should be removed surgically. Surgery, if necessary, is usually done through an incision in the inside of the lid and therefore should leave no visible scar. Although tumors of the eyelids do occur, a chalazion is not a tumor and has no malignant potential.

Chalazion Prevention

Preventive measures against the development of a chalazion include ensuring that the lid margins are clean and that oil gland flow remains unobstructed. Specific recommendations include the use of warm compresses applied to the closed eyelids for a five minutes prior to sleep, cleaning the base of the eyelashes of the eyelids to remove bacteria and dirt using a Q-tip and saline solution or diluted baby shampoo or an over-the-counter eyelid cleanser.

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Chalazion Pictures

Chalazion. Photo courtesy of Larry Stack, MD.
Chalazion. Photo courtesy of Larry Stack, MD.

Chalazion with an inverted eyelid. Photo courtesy of Larry Stack, MD.
Chalazion with an inverted eyelid. Photo courtesy of Larry Stack, MD.


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A chalazion (Greek for hailstone) is a lipogranuloma of either a meibomian gland or a Zeis gland.

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