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Chickenpox (cont.)

When Should Someone Seek Medical Care for Chickenpox?

Although most cases of chickenpox heal without complications, sometimes medical attention is required. Call the doctor if any of the following conditions develop:

  • Fever higher than 103 F
  • A rash involving an eye; eye pain (especially unusual sensitivity to light)
  • Dehydration, vomiting, or decreased fluid intake
  • Uncertainty of diagnosis or what medication to give
  • Chickenpox during pregnancy (especially during the last month)
  • Secondary skin infections
    • Signs of bacterial infection include the following:
      • Blisters leaking a thick yellow or green fluid
      • Skin around a blister appears red, increasingly painful, or swollen, or has red streaking extending from the site

If someone with chickenpox begins to breathe with difficulty, shows confusion, disorientation, or appears extremely sleepy and becomes belligerent or difficult to wake up, go immediately to a hospital's emergency department. In addition, any seizures or high fever accompanied by headache and vomiting need prompt emergency evaluation.

What Types of Specialists Treat Chickenpox?

Establishing the diagnosis and management of a routine case of chickenpox is easily handled by the patient's pediatrician or family practice physician. Specialists such as infectious-disease experts or neurologists are rarely needed unless complications develop or the patient is considered to be at high risk for complications (for example, immune-compromised individuals).

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