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Cocaine Abuse (cont.)


Follow-up should be as planned in the emergency department or as discussed when discharged from the hospital. Because any addiction involves the entire family, treatment options should be reviewed with the individual's family, and loved ones should be included in any treatment plan if at all possible. It may consist of follow-ups with a drug counselor for therapy, as well as treatment by a psychiatrist, family doctor, internist, infectious disease specialist, obstetrician, general surgeon, and/or heart surgeon.

Since there is little medication treatment for cocaine addiction, rehabilitation, also referred to as "rehab," generally involves mental health and social (psychosocial) approaches. Those approaches often focus of establishing a good working relationship with the cocaine addict, motivating him or her, enhancing strengths, and helping the person develop strategies for abstaining from drug use and reducing their cravings

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Cocaine is derived from Erythroxylon coca, a shrub endemic to the Andes, Mexico, West Indies, and Indonesia.

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