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Colic (cont.)

Colic Treatment

Self-Care at Home

There are no surefire treatments, but you may try the following:

  • Use a pacifier. Swaddle your infant tightly.
  • Gently rock the infant using a rocking chair or lap.
  • Softly massage the infant's abdomen or back.
  • Play relaxing music (even if it works just for the parent!). Studies have shown, however, that excessive limiting of stimulation (prolonged dark and quiet room) may worsen symptoms.

If these attempts are not helpful -- don't give up! Remember that every day your child is getting closer to being 4 months old, and he/she will ultimately resolve these frustrations with a "tincture of time." Research has shown that holding and rocking your baby may reduce the intensity but not duration of crying episodes. You cannot spoil an infant by holding him too much.

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Colic is commonly described as a behavioral syndrome characterized by excessive, paroxysmal crying. Colic is most likely to occur in the evenings, and it occurs without any identifiable cause.

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