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Concussion - Recovery

Did you have any residual effects from your concussion?

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Published: October 05

I have had 3 concussions since as small child. When I was 12 I got a concussion from banding my head in the bathroom. I had a concussion when I was 15 years old from being tackled from playing soccer in Gym Class. I had been thrown several feet in the air and landed on my head. I lost consciousness for about 5 minutes. Last August of 2011 I got a concussion and a whiplash from a severe Go-Kart accident. Right now I am a 20 year old girl. Every time I would get the signs of concussion from a head injury I would have to go to the ER and sometimes get admitted overnight for observation.

Comment from: 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 29

The day after Thanksgiving I fell at some point before the next day, I guess, I don't remember the fall, anything for 3 days, still forget so much, it's making me wonder what happened? I also had a wreck and got a DUI. Of course, I don't remember anything, ticket, test, jail, etc. for 3 days and have a terrible memory since the fall on a tile floor, that I cracked with my head. I have to go to court tomorrow to try to make them know that I'm telling the truth. Unfortunately, I have no memory and don't remember the incident, plus days afterwards. I can't pretend to "know" what happened. Using the Police Report to "remember" isn't the best of scenarios, but I have no option because I DON'T remember anything!! I'm going to fight it in court and hope I win. I don't think unless you've had concussions before that you know the capacity of what they can hold for you; present, past and future.... scary!!

Comment from: Daisy, 55-64 Female (Patient) Published: March 25

One week ago today, Friday night, went to bed but woke up at 1.30 a.m. having to use the washroom. When I got up from peeing, I felt very weak, dizzy and light-headed, having been on medication for atrial fib. I knew I was going to fall so tried to hold on to the door frame but could not. I went down hard, falling back and hitting the top of my head on the vanity just left of center as I fell. I had a couple of other scrapes and bruises as well. I managed to get up but had searing pain all over my head but no headache. There was no cut on my head but could feel the swelling of a large goose egg to which I applied a cold cloth. I went back to bed in agony but finally fell asleep. I rested the following day. Then, feeling a little better by the 2nd day I put my make-up and went out for a few hours - all was fine. However, the 3rd day I noticed my left eye started getting bruised so I mentioned to someone that I had a bit of a black eye. That eye has continued each day to get worse, more black and blue each day. Now I have the worst looking black eye I have ever seen on anyone and not sure it is finished yet. I must have been bleeding under the scalp and it found its own route down to my eye where the skin is the thinnest. I am wondering if I had a concussion and should have or still should see a doctor because of this bleeding all around my eye. Has anyone ever experienced this sort of thing with delayed bleeding under the scalp and traveling to the eye. I did not hit the front of my head in the fall so it has to be coming from the area of where the goose egg is.

Comment from: Concerned Mom, 55-64 Female Published: January 12

My 28 year old daughter was thrown off a horse and for the first time in a long time, was not wearing a helmet. She is, or presently was, a professional equestrian trainer. She fell about 8 or 9 feet on the back of her head onto the asphalt. She had a bad concussion and whiplash, was taken to the ER, had a CT scan and released because the CT scan showed nothing. However, as she was wheeled out of the hospital that day, she was dizzy, everything was spinning and she was vomiting. I was beside myself that the doctor would release her in this condition. Four hours later we returned to the ER. My daughter by then had a horrible headache, could not stand light or sound and we could not touch her skin anywhere without extreme pain. She was hypersensitive to everything. She was admitted after a two hour wait in the waiting room. By then her vital signs dropped, she was given IV fluids, pain medication and a medication to stop the vomiting. Six months later, after again falling off a horse but not hitting her head, she is again experiencing symptoms of a concussion. She is starting a new job and new career and has left her professional equestrian career. I wonder if this injury will be a permanent situation or eventually improve. She is irritable and has a headache and a feeling of being in a fog. We did go to the ER, different hospital and a CT scan was done and it also showed nothing. She had been given a prescription to help with the dizziness but she isn't the happy go lucky bright person she was before the injury. My concern is that these symptoms will last a lifetime. She is no longer training horses and people to ride and so I hope that time will heal her injury and she will be back to her normal intelligent happy self and life will be good again for her but only time will tell. It is hard to watch my daughter feel so bad. I just keep her in my prayers and hope time will heal.

Comment from: Buzzcrcket, 55-64 Male (Patient) Published: July 05

Four weeks ago I got twisted up in two dog leashes and fell backward hitting the back of my head. I could not move though I knew I was bleeding. Someone found me on the sidewalk and called EMTs and police. They cleaned up my bleeding and patched my head. My left eye blackened and my teeth were all sensitive as was my jaw. Fluid continued to ooze from my ears, nose and wound. I have not been to a doctor. I live alone and am fearful because I have a lot of dizziness, headaches, neck pains, erratic heart beats. I was not able to "break" my fall with my hands or body.


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