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Constipation in Children (cont.)

Constipation in Children Remedies

  • Give plenty of water to the affected child.
  • Try 2 to 4 ounces of half-strength pear or apple juice (diluted with water). Alternatively, add one-half ounce of table syrup to 3 ounces of warm water, then administer by mouth to soften the stool.
  • Add two tablespoons of baking soda to a warm bath. Let your child relax for 5-15 minutes, soaking in the warm bath.
  • Applying a warm, moist cloth to the anus can sometimes stimulate a bowel movement.
  • To stimulate a bowel movement, a plastic swab tipped with cotton (Q-tip) with a small amount of Vaseline ointment can be gently inserted through the anus (not too far, just the cotton tip) and promptly removed. Your health care practitioner may prescribe a glycerin suppository for the same purpose but with greatest effect.
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