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Corns and Calluses (cont.)

Corns and Calluses Causes

  • Factors outside the body that can cause calluses and corns from friction and stress
    • Ill-fitting shoes or socks
    • Bunching of socks or socks with seams by the toes
    • Manual labor
    • Not wearing shoes
    • Activities that increase stress applied to the skin of the hands and feet, such as athletic events
  • Factors within the body that may lead to the formation of corns and calluses
    • Bony prominences or structural deformities, such as hammertoes and bunions
    • Faulty foot function such as overpronation or oversupination
    • Damaged sweat glands (porokeratosis), scars, warts (plantar verruca)

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Corns and Calluses - Remedies

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Corns, also referred to as clavi, are painful, hyperkeratotic papules of the skin that develop in response to excess pressure on the bony prominences of the feet and toes.

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