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Coronary Heart Disease (cont.)

When to Seek Medical Care

Call your health care provider if you notice any of the following symptoms, which suggest angina:

  • Chest pain, pressure or feeling of indigestion after physical exertion, which may or may not be relieved by rest
  • Shoulder or arm pain involving left, right, or both sides during physical or mentally stressful activity
  • Jaw pain, unexplained by another cause, like a sore tooth
  • Shortness of breath after exertion or walking uphill
  • Fainting spell
  • Pain in the upper part of your abdomen
  • Unexplained nausea, vomiting, or sweating
  • Palpitations or dizziness

Call 911 or have someone take you immediately to a hospital emergency department if you have signs of a heart attack.

  • The most crucial factor is time. Each year, thousands of Americans die because they do not seek medical attention quickly.
  • Err on the side of caution and go to the hospital.
  • This may prove to be the difference between life and death.

The most common symptoms of heart attack include the following:

  • Unremitting or prolonged chest pain, chest pressure, or a feeling like heartburn
  • Shoulder or arm pains (left or right) or upper abdominal pain that won't go away
  • Shortness of breath after minimal activity or while resting
  • Blackout spells
  • Unexplained profuse sweating with or without nausea or vomiting
  • Frequent chest pain or discomfort at rest
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