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Coxsackievirus Infection

Coxsackievirus Infection Overview

Coxsackieviruses are a common cause of infection in adults and children. The spectrum of disease caused by these viruses ranges from very mild to life-threatening. No vaccine is available, and there is no drug that specifically kills the virus. The key to prevention of coxsackievirus infection is good hand washing and covering the mouth when coughing or sneezing.

Coxsackievirus Infection Cause

Coxsackieviruses are part of a viral genus called Enterovirus. They are divided into two groups: group A coxsackievirus and group B coxsackievirus. Each group is further divided into several serotypes. The virus is not destroyed by the acid in the stomach, and it can live on surfaces for several hours. Once a person gets the virus, it takes an average of one to two days for symptoms to develop. People are most contagious in the first week of illness, but the virus may still be present up to one week after symptoms resolve. The virus may be present longer in children and those whose immune system is weak.

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