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Coxsackievirus (cont.)


Most people who get coxsackievirus infections have no symptoms or are only mildly ill and soon recover. People who have fever or feel ill should stay home, because the infection is contagious.

Most patients with myopericarditis recover completely, but up to one-third will continue to have some degree of heart failure. Children with myopericarditis usually fare better than adults. Severe coxsackievirus infections in newborns are fatal in approximately one-half of cases.

Next Steps

Interestingly, some scientists have proposed a link between coxsackievirus and the onset of juvenile (type I) diabetes. Among other things, this is based on evidence showing that development of type I diabetes is more common in the months after viruses like coxsackievirus circulate in the population. However, the link is far from proven and requires significantly more study.

The search for a vaccine against coxsackievirus has not yet been successful. However, efforts are continuing.


Picture of group B coxsackievirus
Picture of group B coxsackievirus
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