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Croup (cont.)

Croup Diagnosis

The great majority of children with croup can be diagnosed from the history of the present illness and a physical examination. Studies are not routinely required.

  • A pulse oximeter may be used to determine if the child is getting an adequate amount of oxygen. This is a skin sensor, placed on the finger, toe, or ear, connected to an oximeter machine by a wire. Normal levels would be above 95% on room air.
  • X-rays of the neck may be ordered to differentiate croup from epiglottitis, which is a more serious condition. Children with croup typically have visible upper airway narrowing, called a steeple sign that can be seen on X-rays.
  • Blood tests are usually not necessary.
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Croup, also termed laryngotracheitis or laryngotracheobronchitis, is a viral respiratory tract infection.

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