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Diet and Nutrition in Crohn Disease (cont.)

Why does my doctor say I may need a special diet?

Some people with Crohn's disease are simply unable to meet their nutritional needs through the food they eat. Others are not able to take solid food during a severe Crohn's flare or after surgery on their intestines. Still others, such as growing children, need extra nutritional support. Each of these groups may benefit from a special diet. If you have strictures of the small intestine, you may need to be on a low residue diet.

The two most widely used special diets are elemental diets and total parenteral nutrition (TPN). In some people these diets are temporary measures; others will be on special diets for the rest of their life.

What is an elemental diet?

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Elemental diets are liquid diets that contain all the nutrients your body needs. The nutrients are usually in digested form so they put no stress on the digestive system. Elemental diets supply all your nutritional needs while giving your digestive system a rest.

What is total parenteral nutrition, or TPN?

Total parenteral nutrition is another way of supplying all your nutritional needs. The nutrients are given directly into the bloodstream via an IV into a vein. This intravenous feeding generally is reserved for people who are unable to digest food or are severely malnourished. People with severe inflammation not responsive to medications, complications from Crohn's disease such as fistulas, or a very small amount of bowel left that is insufficient to digest and absorb food may also receive TPN.

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