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Dysuria (cont.)


An uncomplicated urinary tract infection usually does not require follow-up. Should you get frequent infections, further evaluation might be warranted, including a referral to a urologist and sometimes other testing such as ultrasound tests or cystoscopy.

Dysuria Prevention

Drinking plenty of fluids, urinating at bedtime and after sexual intercourse, not holding urine for an excessive amount of time, and good hygiene can decrease the chances of developing a urinary tract infection. Of note, these are only helpful hints as they will not guarantee prevention. Avoid any irritating product on the outside of your genitals if you are experiencing dysuria.

Dysuria Prognosis

Most urinary tract infections will improve with appropriate antibiotics and should have no long-term consequences.

Medically reviewed by Michael Wolff, MD; American Board of Urology


American Family Physician 65.8 Apr. 15, 2002: 1589-1596.

Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 9/3/2015

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