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Ear Tubes (cont.)

Ear Tubes Results

The objectives of placing tympanostomy tubes are one or more of the following:

  • Decrease the frequency of infections: Generally, the incidence of ear infections is dramatically decreased when tympanostomy tubes are placed.
  • Lessening of severity: When an infection occurs, the child most often has ear drainage without pain or fever associated with the ear itself. Pain may occur if the skin of the ear canal becomes infected.
  • Ease of treatment: If ear drainage develops, the caregiver can treat the infection with ear drops alone, decreasing the need and complications of using antibiotics for the whole body.
  • Decrease complications: In children prone to the complications associated with negative pressure in the ear, the process is halted and damage to the ear and eardrum is minimized.
  • Hearing preservation: The type of hearing loss associated with ear infections is called conductive hearing loss or a mechanical blockage of transmitting sound through the ear to the inner ear. This type of loss is generally reversed by placing tubes in the ears and hearing is restored and maintained.
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