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Earache (cont.)

Earache Symptoms

Inflammation of any type will cause pain, swelling, and redness.

Otitis Externa

Otitis externa symptoms include:

  • gradual development of an earache;
  • individuals with mild cases may describe an itch instead of pain;
  • touching or pulling on the ear helix (the cartilage portion of the ear) may worsen the pain;
  • hearing loss because swelling of the external canal decreases the ability for sound to enter;
  • ringing or buzzing sounds in the ear;
  • blocked or full sensation in the ear;
  • swelling of the ear; and
  • thick drainage from the ear canal.

Otitis Media

Otitis media symptoms include:

Pain in the ear (most common symptom), although infants and young children may not be able to localize the pain, and may be fussy and irritable.

Other symptoms of otitis media include:

  • hearing loss;
  • ringing or buzzing sounds in the ear;
  • full or plugged sensation in the ear;
  • balance problems or vertigo (uncommon);
  • fever; and
  • occasionally, discharge from the ear (increased pressure in the middle ear may cause the tympanic membrane or ear drum to rupture, allowing the infected fluid to drain from the ear).

Other symptoms of otitis media in infants include:

Bullous Myringitis

Symptoms of bullous myringitis include pain in the ear. The pain may be extreme but also may suddenly resolve if the bulla or blister spontaneously ruptures, decreasing the pressure in the blister.

Other symptoms include:

  • fever;
  • hearing loss; and
  • bloody drainage from the ear canal.
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