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Eclampsia (cont.)

When to Seek Medical Care

  • If a person has any question about either their health or their baby's health
  • If a pregnant female has severe or persistent headache or any visual disturbance, such as double vision or seeing spots (This may be a warning sign that preeclampsia could progress to eclampsia.)
  • If during pregnancy, the blood pressure is greater than or equal to 160/110 mm Hg, call the doctor immediately!
  • If a pregnant patient has severe pain in the middle of their belly or on the right side of the belly under the ribs (This may be a warning sign that preeclampsia is worsening.)
  • If any unusual bruising or bleeding is noticed
  • If excessive swelling or weight gain is noticed
  • If the baby (fetus) has slowed down its movements
  • If any vaginal bleeding or cramping is noticed
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