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Elbow Dislocation (cont.)

Elbow Dislocation Symptoms and Signs

  • Severe pain in the elbow, swelling, and inability to bend the arm are all signs of an elbow dislocation.
  • In some cases, people may lose feeling in their hand or lose a pulse (can't feel a heartbeat in the wrist).
  • Arteries and nerves run by the elbow, so it is possible a person might have injured them during the dislocation. Consequently, a nerve injury may result in abnormal sensations or inability of normal distal arm or hand functions below the elbow dislocation.
  • Children with nursemaid's elbow will not bend their elbow because of pain and hold their arm slightly bent.

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Elbow dislocation is the most common dislocation in children; in adults,it is the second most common dislocation after that of the shoulder.

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