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Elbow Dislocation (cont.)

Diagnosis of Elbow Dislocation

The doctor will begin with an examination. A dislocation of the elbow is a diagnosis that can be made upon examination.

  • The doctor will make sure nerves and arteries are unhurt by checking the pulse, making sure the patient can feel normally, move their fingers and wrist, and make sure that blood is flowing normally to the hand.
  • Next, the doctor will obtain X-rays. Sometimes, breaks in the bone can look like dislocations, and some breaks happen when dislocations occur.
  • If the doctor suspects an injury to an artery, further tests, such as an arteriogram (an X-ray of an artery) may be performed.
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Elbow dislocation is the most common dislocation in children; in adults,it is the second most common dislocation after that of the shoulder.

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