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Endometriosis (cont.)

Endometriosis Surgery

If treatment with medications does not work or is not appropriate for a woman, surgery can be considered if she has severe pain or severe damage to the pelvic structures.

  • Laparoscopic surgery (a minimally invasive, camera-guided surgical procedure) may be used in an attempt to remove all endometrial tissue outside of the uterus. This removal is often performed during the surgery when endometriosis is diagnosed.
  • Surgery to remove the uterus and ovaries, called a hysterectomy, is considered for women who fail medical therapy and no longer wish to have additional children.
  • Although surgery can be very effective, endometriosis may recur following surgery. Some studies have shown the recurrence rate of endometriosis following surgical treatment to be as high as 40%.
  • Most women find relief from symptoms once menopause is complete and when the levels of hormones responsible for promoting this disease diminish.
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Endometriosis, the presence of endometriumlike glands and stroma outside the uterus, is a common, poorly understood, and extremely debilitating benign gynecological condition.

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