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Eye Allergies (cont.)

Are There Eye Allergy Home Remedies?

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Eliminating or even minimizing exposure to allergens may lead to symptomatic improvement. Therefore, an evaluation with an allergist to identify culprit allergens may be very helpful. The following are some environmental control measures to minimize allergen exposure.

  • For dust mites:
    • Decrease ambient humidity by using a dehumidifier.
    • Wash sheets in hot water once weekly.
    • Use allergen impermeable covers for mattresses and pillows.
    • Minimize carpeting, linens, stuffed animals, etc., where dust mites can collect.
  • For pets:
    • Keep pets out of the bedroom at all times.
    • Use HEPA filters.
    • Bathe the pets at least once weekly.
  • For mold:
    • Decrease humidity with a dehumidifier.
    • Eliminate water leaks and standing water, particularly in basements.
  • For outdoor pollens like trees, grasses, and weeds:
    • Use air conditioning and keep windows and doors closed.

Unfortunately, allergen avoidance is not always easy or possible. If this is the case, the following at-home remedies may provide an individual with some relief from ocular allergies.

  • Apply cold compresses to the eyes to help reduce the allergic reaction.
  • Use artificial tears/lubricating eyedrops as needed to help flush out allergens that get into the eyes.
  • Use over-the-counter medications, such as allergy eyedrops, oral antihistamines, and/or nasal corticosteroids.
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