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Eye Floaters (cont.)

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Author: John D. Sheppard, MD, MMSc. President, Virginia Eye Consultants Professor of Ophthalmology, Microbiology & Molecular Biology Clinical Director, Thomas R. Lee Center for Ocular Pharmacology Research Director, Ophthalmology Residency Program Eastern Virginia Medical School Norfolk, Virginia.

Coauthor: David M. Salib, MD. Chief of Retina & Vitreous Surgery Virginia Eye Consultants Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology Eastern Virginia Medical School Norfolk, Virginia.

Editor: Andrew A. Dahl, MD, FACS, Residency Director, Ophthalmology, Kingston Hospital, Mid Hudson Family Practice Institute, Assistant Professor of Surgery (Ophthalmology), Department of Ophthalmology, the Institute for Family Health, New York College of Medicine.

Last Editorial Review: 1/29/2010 1:10:14 PM

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