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Facial Fracture (cont.)

Facial Fracture Prognosis

Nasal fracture

  • The patient will require follow-up care in 5-7 days for re-evaluation after the swelling has subsided.
  • If the patient's nose needs to be put back into place, it is usually done at the follow-up visit.
  • Prognosis is usually good.

Jaw (mandibular) fracture: Prognosis is usually good.

Midface (maxillary) fracture

  • People with midface fractures have a poorer prognosis because of other injuries suffered from the accident that caused their fracture.
  • A high incidence of blindness is reported in a particular type of maxillary fracture.

Cheekbone (zygomatic) fracture: As an isolated injury, this usually presents a cosmetic problem only.

Temporomandibular joint dislocation: Be careful not to open the mouth widely after the jaw is put back into place, because of the risk of another dislocation of the joint.

REFERENCE: Face Fracture.

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In approximately 400 BC, Hippocrates provided the first description of a variety of facial injuries.

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