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Finger Dislocation (cont.)

What Are Symptoms and Signs of a Finger Dislocation?

A dislocated finger is usually obvious. The finger appears crooked, swollen, and is very painful. It may be bent upward or at strange angles. The person probably won't be able to bend or straighten the finger if it is dislocated.

  • With severe dislocations, there can be numbness or tingling.
  • The injured finger can appear a pale color.
  • The dislocation may cause a break in the skin where the injury has occurred. If this occurs, the injured person should seek medical attention immediately.
  • The dislocation may be accompanied by a break in the bone and will require prompt medical attention.

When Should Someone Seek Medical Care for a Dislocated Finger?

When a person has a dislocated finger, a doctor should be seen at once. Delaying a visit to a doctor for an injury can make final treatment more difficult and can lead to delayed healing or permanent disability.

Go to the emergency department immediately if there is any loss of sensation (numbness), if there are any open areas of skin, or if the finger is cold, pale, or bluish in color.

How Do Health-Care Professionals Diagnose and Assess a Finger Dislocation?

The doctor will first examine the injured finger. He or she will then X-ray the finger to confirm the dislocation and assess for any broken bones.

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