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Finger Injuries (cont.)

Finger Injuries Prevention

Heavy equipment

  • Be careful of chain saws, snow blowers, paint and grease guns, and other high-powered equipment.
  • Wear heavy leather gloves and do not wear rings or other jewelry when operating such equipment.


  • Use and store kitchen knives carefully.
  • Never reach blindly into a sink or drawer containing a knife.


  • Be aware that many finger injuries occur during athletic events, especially ball games (such as, basketball, baseball, football). Remove rings or other jewelry before participating in sports.
  • If you enjoy participating in such activities, keep some first aid items on hand for splinting a finger.

Animal bites

  • The most common way you can be bitten on the hand is when trying to separate two fighting animals.
  • Even your loyal dog can accidentally bite you during a fight.
  • Stay out of the way.
  • Do not approach or try to hand feed feral (animals).
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