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Foreign Body, Eye (cont.)

Eye Foreign Body Pictures

Picture of the pupil.
One can see the dark "hole" in the center of the eye called a pupil. It should be round as shown here (other shapes suggest injury). The pupil is surrounded by the iris, the colored part of the eye. The light can be seen reflecting off the cornea, the curved, clear covering of the eye. The white portion is the sclera, and the blood vessels are within the conjunctiva, which covers the sclera. Courtesy Christopher-Patrick Photography, Winston-Salem, NC.
Picture of an excellent home remedy to protect the eye after an injury.
An excellent home remedy to protect the eye after an injury is placing the bottom of a Styrofoam or paper cup over the eye. Cut the cup at an angle to help it fit over the eye. Courtesy Christopher-Patrick Photography, Winston-Salem, NC.
Picture of a cup taped over an eye.
After one has cut the cup, tape it over the eye with two pieces of tape. More tape may be needed for small children who will try to remove the cup. One should be cautious with small children if they are combative. If the child will not cooperate with attempts to cover the eye, do not risk further injury. Courtesy Christopher-Patrick Photography, Winston-Salem, NC.

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A corneal foreign body is an object (eg, metal, glass, wood, plastic, sand) either superficially adherent to or embedded in the cornea of the eye.

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