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Foreign Body, Rectum (cont.)

Foreign Body in Rectum Prognosis

  • The vast majority of people with a foreign object in their rectum will have more injury to their pride than anything else, and will suffer no long-term complications or problems.
  • A small number of people will have significant injury. This is seen particularly in cases where the diagnosis is difficult - in the very young and psychiatric patients - or where the person has delayed seeking treatment.
  • Complications may also be present when a violent sexual assault has occurred. These people may develop significant and severe abdominal injury and infection. As a result, they may require a colostomy (where the bowel is brought up to the skin surface and the stool is passed into a bag). Or they may require a long stay in the hospital and antibiotics.
  • In very rare cases, the injury may be so severe that the person dies of the complications.
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