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Grief and Bereavement

Life and Death in Context

There is an appointed time for everything, and there is a time for every event.

Whatever our beliefs may or may not be as to a specific "appointed time," each of us knows the inherent truth of the well-known Bible verse. One day, death comes to us and to everyone we love.

Mere knowledge of this inevitability does not lessen our suffering. Poet Maya Angelou wrote, "I answer the heroic question, 'Death, where is thy sting?' with 'It is here in my heart and mind and memories'" -- a reflection that death takes from us the physical presence of people who are precious, with effects that often bring piercing pain and indescribable depression.

Although the walk through the valley of the shadow of death is the toughest part of life for the human spirit to endure, most of us move beyond the shadows and once again enjoy the sunlight. Let us gather insight into some of the feelings and experiences you may have in your walk through this valley of shadows, and let us offer hope that sorrow will not be your constant companion for the rest of your years.

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