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Head Injury (cont.)

Head Injury Self-Care at Home

Many people who hit their heads do not need to seek medical attention. People often hit their heads on a cupboard or trip and fall on a soft surface, get up and dust themselves off and are otherwise well.

Occasionally, a bump can occur underneath the skin of the scalp or forehead. This 'goose egg' is a hematoma on the outside of the skull and is not necessarily related to any potential bleeding that can affect the brain. Treatment is the same as any other bruise or contusion and includes ice, and over-the-counter pain medication.

Head Injury Medical Treatment

Treatment for head injury will be individualized for each patient depending upon the underlying injury and the patient's situation.

As with any other injury, the ABCs of resuscitation take priority to restore or support breathing and circulation in the body. Care for the head injury often occurs at the same time other injuries are attended to in the multiply traumatized patient.

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Head injury can be defined as any alteration in mental or physical functioning related to a blow to the head.

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