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Heart Rhythm Disorders (cont.)

Heart Rhythm Disorders Treatment

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The treatment of arrhythmias varies depending on the presence or absence of symptoms, how frequent the arrhythmia occurs, and the seriousness of any underlying heart condition. The majority of arrhythmias are either not treated or are treated with medications taken by mouth. Some arrhythmias must be treated emergently with electrocardioversion or the patient will die. For others, the treatment may range from vagal maneuvers (for example, the Valsalva, a maneuver of breath holding and bearing down) to medication to more advanced surgical procedures, such as an internal implanted pacemaker or cardiac defibrillator (ICD). Sometimes, no treatment is necessary because the arrhythmia resolves.

Except in life-threatening emergencies, a person should have a detailed discussion of the tests and treatment options with the health care professional to be clear about the tests and potential treatment options before any tests or surgery is done. This discussion should include the risks and benefits the patient may have if they choose to have or not have specific treatments or surgical procedures done.

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