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Hematocrit Blood Test (cont.)

What is a normal hematocrit?

Normal values for the hematocrit test vary according to age, sex, pregnancy, altitude where people live, and even vary slightly between various testing methods. The following are reported ranges of normal hematocrit levels:

  • Newborns: 55%-68%
  • One (1) week of age: 47%-65%
  • One (1) month of age: 37%-49%
  • Three (3) months of age: 30%-36%
  • One (1) year of age: 29%-41%
  • Ten (10) years of age: 36%-40%
  • Adult males: 42%-54%
  • Adult women: 38%-46%
  • Adult pregnant women: about 30% - 34% lower limits and 46% upper limits
  • High Altitude residents: about 45% - 61% in males; 41% - 56% in females (These levels gradually average higher as the altitude where people live increases. This is a result of the increased demand for the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells at higher altitudes where there is decreased oxygen concentration in the atmosphere.)

These values may vary from authorities in the field by as much as 7%. Consequently, it is best to have a doctor explain the significance of an individual's level of hematocrit if it is not normal.

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