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Hemophilia (cont.)

Exams and Tests

A family history of bleeding disorders aids in diagnosing hemophilia. But certain tests help quantify the disease.

  • Pronounced bruising at childbirth or bleeding with circumcision may suggest a case of severe hemophilia.

  • A moderate case of hemophilia may become apparent during the toddler years when falls are common.

  • A mild case may not become evident until adulthood when you need surgery.

  • Blood tests can be performed if you have any reason to suspect hemophilia.

    • Blood may be checked directly for certain factors.

    • Test results will be low depending on which form of hemophilia you have.

    • In either case, your activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT), a measurement of the clotting of blood, will be prolonged.
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Hemophilia A(HA), which comprises approximately 80% of cases,is considered the classic form of hemophilia, and hemophilia B (HB) is termed Christmas disease.

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