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Hiatal Hernia (cont.)

When to Seek Medical Care for Hiatal Hernia

When to call the doctor

  • When the symptoms of hiatal hernia are new, persistent (won't go away), or severe
  • When it is not clear what is causing your symptoms

When to go to the hospital

  • When you have chest pressure or pain, especially if you have known heart disease or these coronary risk factors: diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, older than 55 years, male gender, or family history of early heart attacks or angina (before age 55 years)
  • Vomiting blood
  • Dark, tarry stools
  • Palpitations (feel heart beating in your chest) or feeling faint
  • Cough and fever
  • Shortness of breath
  • Inability to swallow solid food or liquids easily
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A hiatal hernia occurs when a portion of the stomach prolapses through the diaphragmatic esophageal hiatus.

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