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High Blood Sugar (Hyperglycemia) (cont.)

Self-Care at Home

Check blood sugar levels with a blood glucose meter. If blood sugar level is higher than normal, but there are no symptoms, continue routine care such as:

  • Take all diabetes medications on schedule.
  • Eat regular meals.
  • Drink sugar-free and caffeine-free liquids.
  • Take a blood sugar reading every four hours (write it down) until levels are back to normal.
  • Check urine for ketones (all patients with diabetes) and write down the readings. Follow sick day rules as defined in your diabetes care plan until ketones disappear from urine.

Strategies to lower blood sugar level include:

  • Exercise: A simple way to lower high blood sugar is to exercise. But if blood glucose levels are higher than 240 mg/dL, first check the urine for ketones. If ketones are present, do not exercise. The risk is that blood sugar levels will rise even higher. Talk with the doctor about a safe way to lower blood glucose levels in this situation.
  • Diet: Work with a diabetes health educator or registered dietitian to develop a workable diet plan to manage diabetes.
  • Medication: If diet and exercise are not keeping blood sugar levels in the normal range, the doctor may adjust the amount, timing, or type of medications or insulin.
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