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Histoplasmosis (cont.)

Histoplasmosis Symptomsand Signs

The large majority (about 90%) of normal individuals who get a mild infection with Histoplasma capsulatum do not develop any symptoms. However, if symptoms do occur, they usually begin about three to 14 days after exposure to the fungi. The symptoms resemble those of pneumonia and may include fever, chest discomfort or pain, and a dry nonproductive cough. Some patients develop weakness, abdominal pain, and sweating. If the disease progresses, symptoms of fatigue, weight loss, and vision changes may occur; severe infections may cause mouth ulcers, headaches, confusion, seizures, encephalopathy, or death.

Picture of oral lesion (mouth ulcer) in patient with severe histoplasmosis
Picture of oral lesion (mouth ulcer) in patient with severe histoplasmosis; SOURCE: CDC/Lucille K. Georg
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