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38. Picture of Pigmented Nevi

Picture of Pigmented Nevi
Image: AFP / Getty Images

A pigmented nevus is also known as a brown, blue, or black mole. These moles are made of clusters of pigmented cells. Most pigmented nevi are benign, but several features may indicate that a skin lesion may be something more than a mole, such as a potential skin cancer. A mole that bleeds and does not heal is a concerning feature. Other features that may suggest skin cancer include a mole that is large in size, growing, or has one that has irregular borders. Multicolored moles are also more likely to be skin cancers. Suspicious moles can be biopsied to determine if they are benign or malignant.

Image: AFP / Getty Images

Text Reference: "Growths and Swellings of the Facial Skin: Nevi." Clinical Outline of Oral Pathology: Diagnosis and Treatment.

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