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Impotence/Erectile Dysfunction (cont.)

Illustrations: Surgical interventions for erectile dysfunction

Media file 9: The Medicated Urethral System for Erections (MUSE) is a small suppository that is placed into the urethra with this device. The suppository is very small, and users often question whether anything is in the device.

picture of urethral suppository
Picture of urethral suppository.

Media file 10: Two rigid cylinders have been placed into the penis. This type of implant has no inflation mechanism but provides adequate rigidity to the penis to allow penetration.

Picture of rigid penile implant
Picture of rigid penile implant.

Media file 11: This inflatable penile device has 3 major components. The 2 cylinders are placed within the penis, a reservoir is placed beneath the rectus muscle, and the pump is placed in the scrotum. When the pump is squeezed, fluid from the reservoir is transferred into the 2 cylinders, producing a firm erection. Squeezing the top of the pump causes a reversal of flow of the fluid from the cylinders back into the reservoir.

Picture of the three components of inflatable penile implant.
Picture of the three components of inflatable penile implant.

Media file 12: This inflatable penile prosthesis has fluid located at the base of the device. When the tip of the device is squeezed, the fluid is transferred into the cylinder.

Picture of inflatable penile prosthesis.
Picture of inflatable penile prosthesis

Medically reviewed by Marcel Horowitz, MD; Board Certified Urology

Author: Stephen W Leslie, MD, FACS, Founder and Medical Director of the Lorain Kidney Stone Research Center, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Urology, Medical College of Ohio.

Coauthor : Stanley A Brosman, MD, Clinical Professor, Departments of Urology, University of California at Los Angeles Medical School.

Editors: Joseph A Salomone III, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Truman Medical Center, University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Medicine; Francisco Talavera, PharmD, PhD, Senior Pharmacy Editor, eMedicine; Richard Harrigan, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Temple University Hospital, Temple University School of Medicine.


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